Ketamine-assisted Therapy – A relief like no other

A woman feeling relaxed and free because of the help from Ketamine Assisted therapy.

A valuable mental health treatment

Ketamine-assisted therapy to the rescue!

How does ketamine treatment aid in relief?

According to Sophie Lake Oswin in her doctoral dissertation on the benefits of Ketamine-assisted therapy:


“Many traditional treatments of mental disorders including various types of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy do not provide adequate symptom reduction for clients, and many clients diagnosed with TRD seek out nontraditional treatments such as ketamine and psychedelics for their antidepressant effects.” Therefore Ketamine-assisted therapy comes in to provide relief to those who cannot be helped by traditionally known medications or treatments.

As we at Centre You have mentioned in our blog:

“Let’s face it, the idea of using a substance often associated with party culture as therapy can be daunting. But here’s the thing – this could be your game-changer in battling mental health disorders.

The world of Ketamine Therapy for mental health is complex and filled with both potential benefits and risks that you need to understand fully before diving in.

At Centre You in Provo, UT, we provide this guide to serve as your roadmap, helping you navigate through the science behind it, its effectiveness, possible side effects, cost considerations and long-term implications.”

Here at Centre You, we do understand that the idea and use of Ketamine-assisted therapy for mental health treatment is not something that everyone has widely accepted just yet. However the benefits are undeniable and we are here to support the community while showing them that this is a safe and extremely effective way to help battle the internal war of mental health struggles.

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